Values and Ethos

The Academy is firmly established on the principles that it should cater for all students’ needs and offers a robust academic curriculum with some vocational pathways – all enhanced by drawing on the expertise of the University of Kent in the areas of Science and Arts. 

By enhancing the quality of their learning experiences, all students will develop higher order thinking and personal skills, and be prepared for life and work in the 21st century. The Academy continually looks outwards to forge strong partnerships and build networks with the local, national and international community to enhance the curriculum experience for all students. 

The Academy has an embedded ethos of high expectations for all students and celebrates and promotes reward and praise as achievement is central to all that we do.  The Academy staff are highly skilled professionals who develop and nurture students’ self-esteem and self-confidence so that they feel valued as individuals and as members of the wider community. The Academy provides opportunities for all students, not only during term time but also during holidays.

We actively encourage and promote British values at Brompton Academy and firmly believe that all students should embrace and outwardly demonstrate the values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, respect and democracy, regardless of their nationality, culture or religious belief and have tolerance of others.  Through our bespoke Personal and Professional Development Programme, Ethics, Assemblies and Tutor time we immerse and offer our students access to learning about spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.  

We strongly believe students should not merely be taught British values but that they are embedded into Academy life and are the foundations for how we interact, learn, communicate and work together as a wider community.  Our innovative approach ensures that British values are core to the Academy’s ethos of inclusivity and is accessible to all students at Brompton Academy.  

We understand the value of engaging the wider community and offer a range of learning opportunities to our parents/carers and local community to encourage access to quality Family and Community Learning programmes in partnership with our Lead Sponsor, the University of Kent.