Welcome to the Brompton Academy careers page. Here you will find some in-depth information describing how we encourage our students to become the best people they can be.

We want to ensure all students are well prepared for life after school and feel confident in the work place. We know that students will succeed in their chosen careers if they enjoy what they do.  We also know that it is important to find a job that is rewarding personally as well as financially. We pride ourselves on matching the personality and ability of every student with the best careers opportunities and activities to enable them to reflect on their skills and abilities and the possibilities available to them in the world of work.

Of course many will already have a good idea of what lies ahead of them, whether it is joining the family business, starting their own business or obtaining a dream job and taking it to further heights.   But there will be those that will appreciate our professional and experienced guidance.

As well as making targeted suggestions, our trained staff can endeavour to explore ideas students may not yet have thought of. We achieve this through a planned programme of activities to help students aged between 11 and 19.  We help them manage their career paths, planning for sustained employability throughout their lives.

Every school has a statutory duty to provide careers education in Years 7-13 to ensure students have access to careers information and impartial guidance.  Here at Brompton Academy, careers education is considered a major priority. We understand there is no point in securing a rewarding education if students are then unable to continue to progress after school either in further education, apprenticeships or employment. Every child is important, no matter what their background and ability.

We are totally committed to providing a planned programme of careers education and information, advice and guidance. This is known as CEIAG and is for all students in Years 7-13. We carry this out in partnership with Medway Youth Trust, an organisation we chose because it maintains the same ethos as ourselves – every student is important.

Sharon Murphy – Careers Lead

Becky Towner & Jean Easley – Medway Youth Trust Personal Advisers

How is CEIAG delivered at Brompton Academy

Careers education, information, advice and guidance programme is delivered as part of the school’s personal tutor time and professional development programme plus the following activities.

Year Group Activities
Year 7 Further activities will take place during the year including fun events called Da Vinci Days, World Language Day and programmes involving STEM and Leader-in-Me.
Year 8 A student-planned careers fair, and options guidance to consider pathways.
Year 9 The Athena Award and Tech Girls challenge which is part of the STEM programme
Year 10 Focused careers sessions delivered during some subject lessons. Towards the end of the school year, all students will undertake their first careers guidance interview with a qualified Careers Adviser, and all students undertake a one-week work experience placement in June.
Year 11 At the beginning of the Autumn term all students in Year 11 will be offered a second more in-depth careers guidance interview. In addition, students receive personal information to help them make progression decisions. Instruction and support are given to enable students to apply for post-16 courses of education.
Year 12 Further career guidance interviews are carried out to focus on supporting students making their decisions about applying for a place in higher education, or moving into employment or further training. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities offered by the University of Kent. One week’s work experience is compulsory for all Year 12 students.
Invited employers will visit to highlight current labour market trends, plus there are opportunities to visit careers and university open days and fairs.
Year 13 This year, we focus on supporting students through their applications to either university, an apprenticeship or employment. Students are encouraged to request interviews and discussions with key staff regarding progression beyond school. Full support is provided to help students make good, informed decisions, but there is an emphasis in Year 13 on students also being proactive in this process. Invited employers will again highlight labour market trends, plus there are further opportunities to visit careers and university open days.

Work Experience

Brompton Academy firmly believes that work experience plays a crucial part in helping young people make decisions about their future careers. It also develops skills that are vital in the modern labour market.  Work experience is an integral part of the school’s wider programme of careers education and work related learning.

The Work Experience process – Year 10

All students in Year 10 will be expected to undertake a one-week placement in June. The process begins during the previous autumn with an assembly and is followed up in PPD lessons.  We work very closely with Medway Education Business Partnership which is responsible for the health and safety of each placement.  Although students are encouraged to source their own placement, formal checks will still be carried out before a student is placed.  Problems at this stage are rare, but where a placement is found to be unsuitable, the student will not be able to attend the placement and an alternative will be sought.

Students unable to find their own placement, can pick from a bank of employers that MEBP provide.  Again, all will be health and safety checked to ensure they are suitable for a student to attend.

Further lessons are delivered during bespoke PPD programmes to prepare the students for their experience.

Immediately prior to the work experience placements taking place, students will be provided with diaries for recording their experiences in. This is a compulsory activity as the diaries help students to reflect on their learning in the work place, and may use some of the information in future job applications.  As part of the planning process, students are expected to set realistic targets for themselves in their diaries and achieve each one of them.

During the Placement

Students must take their diaries with them every day.  During the course of the week most students will receive a personal welfare visit from a member of the schools staff.  Placements that are further away will receive a check up telephone call.  This is to make sure everything is going well for both the student and employer.

If a student is unable to attend for a legitimate reason on a particular day during the week’s placement, they are expected to notify both the employer and the school first thing in the morning.


In the week following placements, students will work in their tutor groups to complete the evaluation sections of their diaries and to collectively plan and give a presentation to the remainder of their form groups.  All diaries are taken in and reviewed before being returned to students.  All students who attend a placement will receive a certificate of completion with the chance of working towards a Certificate of Excellence.

Important information

  • Students are encouraged to find their own placements, but must still inform the school of where they are going to allow vetting.

  • Placements that fail the health and safety check will not be allowed to go ahead.