Please click here to access the Edmodo page

Edmodo is the name of our new virtual learning platform (VLE). You may well have seen the logo on your child’s iPad – if not have a look.  This is the site where teachers upload learning materials for students (including homework) and where students can access resources for their learning and post replies to homework and other activities. You, as parents and carers, can also access Edmodo to see what your child is learning in class, what homework has been set (with deadlines), and what feedback your child has received.

How Can a Parent/Carer Join Edmodo?

  1. Your child needs to join Edmodo first by creating a student account, which they can easily do by pressing on the Edmodo icon on their iPad, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. Look on your child’s Edmodo Homepage and the Parent Code is located on the bottom of the left side panel. It will be a 6-digit code.

  3. Now log onto www.edmodo.com yourself and sign up for a free parental account. Insert the Parent Code in the parental code box. You will need an email address yourself to sign up for an account.

  4. You do not have to share your parent account with another Parent/Carer. Multiple Parent accounts can be set up for one student. Each Parent/Carer can use the same Parent Code but must use a different email address distinct from the other Parent/Carer signing up.

  5. More than one child? Please note you only need one Parent Account even if you have several children attending the academy. You can add them all to your one account. If a parent/carer has multiple children using Edmodo, they should obtain the Parent Code for each of their children and then go to their own Parent Edmodo Homepage and look for a box on the left hand side, which says, ‘Add Student’. Click on it and enter your child’s Parent Code. Repeat for all the children you have using Edmodo. You will now be able to see all the classes that your child(ren) have joined and all the work set for them by teachers with deadlines and resources etc.

If you are having any difficulties please email ICTSystemsTeam@universityofkentacademiestrust.org.uk