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Welcome to Brompton Academy

Brompton Academy Appeals for Year 7 (Academic Year 2014/15)

Parents and Carers will be notified on the 3rd March 2014 if they have been offered a place at Brompton Academy for September 2014.  Following on from this we are planning for a number of appeals to take place over the next coming months.  If you wish to appeal then you will need to do this by the 31st March 2014. This is the date by which an appeal should be submitted for a place, if you do not want the school you have been allocated.  For further information about the appeals process, please click HERE.

Provisional Appeal Hearing dates are: 
Thursday 8th May 2014
Friday 9th May 2014
Monday 12th May 2014
Wednesday 14th May 2014 – only if necessary
Thursday 15th May 2014 – only if necessary