Literacy Intervention

Literacy provision at Brompton Academy is designed to support students in their reading and writing skills. Literacy is embedded in all schemes of learning across all year groups in our English lessons.  

We have a number of different strategies in place to support students in a variety of ways:

  • In Year 7 we have a 'Transitions Curriculum' where students have at least 45 minutes of specific intervention four days per week. In Year 8 we have timetabled literacy intervention classes twice weekly in small groups where students are targeted to improve their reading age, in line with their chronological age and to focus on improving their reading and writing skills across all subjects. The intervention programme is tailored to the needs of the student, which means it is flexible and the amount and type of support will vary depending on the individual needs of the student.

  • All students in Phase One are enrolled in a reading enrichment programme called Accelerated Reader.This is an online resource that tests a student’s reading age and then suggests the level of books they should be reading to meet their current needs and challenges them to move through the levels by taking quizzes on the books they have read. Accelerated Reader is timetabled weekly in English lessons, where the whole class have access to the library and individuals are enabled to work at their own pace reading their book and/or completing the online quizzes which students have access to at school and also at home. The books are not specific to Accelerated Reader but cover most fiction (and some non-fiction) aimed at children and teenagers.

  • Literacy is embedded in all subjects and teaching and support staff are expected to support the Brompton Academy Literacy programme. Our schemes of work ensure there are subject specific assessment opportunities in Literacy. Literacy has become a focus in all subjects with class-based activities and assessment opportunities in spelling, punctuation and grammar; speaking and listening; and extended reading and writing. Staff are required to report a Literacy grade at each assessment point.