Exam Results 2019/2020

  • Total number of Year 11 students on roll - 191

  • Percentage of students gaining a standard pass (grade 4 or above) in English and Maths - 53%

  • Percentage of students gaining a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and Maths - 30%

  • Progress 8* (2019) is -0.10 - Based on unvalidated national data

  • Attainment 8** measure is average GCSE grade - 4

  • Percentage of students staying in education/employment - 100%

Progress 8*

*Progress 8 aims to measure a student’s academic progress from Key Stage 2 (end of primary school) to Key Stage 4 (end of Year 11). It is a type of value added measure, which means that students’ exam results are compared to the actual achievements of other students with the same prior attainment. Every increase in every grade a student achieves will equal additional points. National data is used to compare individual students performance with other students across the country who also had the same starting point. Each school/academy will get an overall score – getting an overall Progress 8 score of zero (0) means the students got the grades they should have – par performance. A score of more than zero (e.g. +0.25) means the students have made more than expected progress. A minus score (e.g. -0.2) means that students have made less progress than they should have. An Ofsted could be triggered if a school gets less than -0.5 (minus 0.5).

Attainment 8**

Attainment 8 aims to measure the achievement of students across their highest 8 grades. The grades are then added together to come up with a point score. Each grade is worth so many points i.e. grade 7 is equivalent to an A grade and grade 4 is equivalent to C grade. The 8 grades counted must include English and Maths (which count double) plus three GCSEs from the following academic subjects – Science, Modern Foreign Language, Geography or History, plus 3 other GCSEs or equivalent vocational qualifications (BTEC’s), that are on an approved government list of qualifications. A student will now leave secondary school with their GCSE qualifications and an Attainment 8 (or average) GCSE score.

Post 16 Sixth Form (Phase 3) A Level/BTEC Level 3 Results 2018

Progress students have made compared to students across the country for:

  • A levels - progress score - 0.11

  • Applied general - progress score - 0.19

  • A levels - average grade - C-

  • Academic - average grade - C-

  • Applied general -  D+

  • Percentage of students that continue in education/employment, or move on to employment in the year after the end of KS4

  • The average grade achieved across a range of qualifications by Year 13/14 students in 2018 was C-

  • 53% students have secured places at Universities across the UK

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