The world is changing fast and there have never been so many opportunities openly available to school leavers.

Take a few moments to read and see what could lie ahead of you.  There are more jobs available now than there has been for many years, but finding work is not the only avenue open to students fresh from their mainstream classroom.

There are the options of university or apprenticeships which can in many cases propel a career on a faster trajectory than someone who has left school with the traditional qualifications.

To achieve any of these exciting futures, a student must first work hard to achieve the best grades and move ahead rapidly. You can then move on to the exciting next steps of your life where almost anything is possible.  Everything is available to you, you just have to believe that you can do it - we all do, which is why we dedicate our lives to your progress.

You don't have to go to university to have a successful and fulfilling career, but depending on what it is, it can help dramatically.

However, you may find that whilst university may not be an option now, this could change in the future, even 10 years from now.  It may be the case you will need a year a two to save money or figure out exactly which line of employment you want to study for.

Or you may find that you start a job and, to progress further in that job, you will need to do some further studying or training.

Whatever path you decide to take, the UKAT Sixth Form are here to help you.  I have personally worked in Careers Information, Advice and Guidance for 20 years and will use my knowledge and experiences to help guide you through this minefield of opportunities. As someone once said, this is the start of the rest of your life - get it right now, and you will be the success you deserve to be.

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