Spanish (Woolf Mini School) 2016/2017

Phase One Spanish (Year 7)

Term one: Introductions/ numbers/ alphabet/ personal details

Term two: Physical description/ family/ pets

Term three: My house

Term four: School

Term five: Free time

Term six: My town

Phase One Spanish (Year 8)

Term one: My world

Term two: Free time

Term three: Food and drink

Term four: Health

Term five: Shopping

Term six: Holidays


Phase Two Spanish (Year 9)

Term one: Family and relationships

Term two: Home, town and region

Term three: School and employment

Term four: Cinema, TV and music

Term five: Food, eating out and sports

Term six: Customs and festivals


Phase Two Spanish (Year 10)

Term one: Life at school

Term two: Travel and tourism

Term three: Education post-16

Term four: Social issues: Healthy and unhealthy living

Term five: Marriage and partnership

Term six: Technology in everyday life


Phase Two Spanish (Year 11)

Term one: School

Term two: Health

Term three: Work

Term four: Environment

The exam board is AQA.The exam board is AQA.

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