Subject Profile: Psychology (Keynes Mini School) 2016/2017

Phase Two GCSE (Year 10 – continuation from Year 9)

Term one: Behavioural Psychology (learning)

Term two: Social Psychology (social influence)

Term three: Biological Psychology (sex and gender)

Term four: Social Psychology (aggression)

Term five: Further Research Methods

Term six: Recap of Year 1 topics and practical investigation


Phase Two GCSE (Year 9)

Term one: Introduction to research methods and practical investigation

Term two: Cognitive Psychology (memory)

Term three: Cognitive Psychology (memory)

Term four: Practical investigation (capacity of short-term memory) Social Psychology (social influence)

Term five: Social Psychology (social influence)

Term six: Cognitive Psychology (perception)


Phase Three AS Level (Year 12)

Term one: Social Psychology (Social Influence)

Term two: Cognitive Psychology (memory)

Term three: Developmental Psychology (attachments)

Term four: Approaches (including AS Level Biopsychology) and Psychopathology

Term five: Revision.  AS Level exam dates: 15th May 2017 and 22 May 2017

Term six: Continuation with A Level content (Biopsychology)


Phase Three A Level (Year 13)

Term one: Biopsychology

Term two: Schizophrenia and Issues and Debates

Term three: Relationships and Issues and Debates

Term four: Aggression and Issues and Debates

Term five: Revision for final A Level exams, and recap of Year 1 content

Term six: A Level exam dates: 7th June 2017, 14th June 2017, 22 June 2017


All Psychology groups are following the AQA Specification

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GCSE (year 10):

GCSE (year 9):

AS/Year 1 & A Level: