Key Curriculum

Key Curriculum  (Darwin and Turing Mini School) 2016/2017

Phase One (Year 7) 


Term one - BAftas - Media focussed module where students explore film making and editing to create a documentary that will be entered in the Brompton Academy Awards Ceremony.


Term two - Brompton Inc - A business focussed module where students are challenged to set up their own live running business with the aim of creating a product, marketing it and making a profit for charity. The module finishes with the Key Curriculum Christmas market where students can sell their products. 


Term three - History and Geography Module. An introduction to analysing historical evidence using Norman Castles and their defences and the importance of water as the geographical reason for their positioning.

Term four - Disaster and a new future - A module which focuses on Politics and Government. Students will learn the processes used within the UK and abroad. Students will set up their own political parties and take part in the Key Curriculum General Election.

Term five - Science and The Arts Module. This module looks at Da Vinci as both scientist and artist to combine an understanding of the human body through exploration, dissections and research to then recreate a scaled-up, detailed, anatomical picture learning the importance of precision and accuracy.

Term six - Cities of Culture - A Leisure and Tourism module which explores cultural aspects of various countries from around the world. The module also uses local tourist attractions and seaside resorts to study the impacts of tourism and changes that have taken place over time. 


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