Subject Profile Geography (Keynes Mini School) 2016/2017

Phase One (Year 8 only)

Term one: Welcome to my world

Term two: Natural environments

Term three: It’s a hazardous world!

Term four: Holiday!

Term five: The Geography of crime

Term six: Wow, but how?


Phase Two (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9

Term one: My climate, your change

Term two: Is the world big enough?

Term three: The Geography if conflict

Term four: Geographical skills

Term five: Commence GCSE course. UK physical landscapes. Coastal landscapes

Term six: River landscapes


Year 10

Term one: Urban issues and challenges

Term two: Urban enquiry

Term three: Challenge of resource management

Term four: The living world

Term five: Changing economic world

Term six: Fieldwork/Geographical skills


Year 11

Term one: Controlled assessment

Term two: The restless earth 

Term three: Tourism

Term four: Revision

Term five: Revision and exams.

Students study the AQA A specification in year 11 ( 

Students in year 9 and 10 will follow the new AQA specification (


Phase Three

A/S Level Geography

Term one: Coastal Landscapes

Term two: Changing spaces, making places

Term three: Geographical debates

Term four: The Water Cycle

Term five: Global connections

Term six: Investigative Geography


A2 Level Geography

Term one: Global Hazards

Term two: Population and Resources

Term three: Ecosystems and Environments Under Threat

Term four: Geographical skills

Term five: Revision and exams


Students study the OCR specification ( 

Students in year 12 are studying the new linear OCR specification (