Subject Profile Citizenship Studies (Keynes Mini School)

Phase 2 GCSE (Year 11)

Term one: Citizenship Today (Rights and Responsibilities: community and identity, human, legal and political rights, development and Struggle for equal rights, employers and employees and Power, Politics and the Media: Media influence on the public, the justice system, understanding democracy)

Term two: Participating in Society 

Term three: Citizenship Today (The Global Community: sustainability, economy, people’s impact on the community, UK’s role in the world, challenges facing the global community, and the UN, EU, commonwealth)

Term four:  Citizenship Campaign

Term five:  Citizenship in Context: Influencing and Changing Decisions in Society (making ethical decisions, influencing change, political change, crime, what’s happening to our freedoms?, who’s listening?, can we control the economy?)

Term six: Exam Revision and Preparation


The GCSE groups are studying the Edexcel full course syllabus.


Exam board is Edexcel

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