The Academy takes a pride in its distinctive uniform. Every student is expected to wear the uniform.

  • Grey blazer with braiding and embroidered Academy logo. This item must be purchased from Uniformbase.
  • Black V neck jumper with embroidered logo to be worn over shirt at all times. This item must be purchased from Uniformbase.
  • Academy Mini School clip-on tie (a different colour tie for each Mini School).
  • White collared short or long sleeved shirt (no polo) – large neck to enable the top button to be fastened, and long enough to tuck into skirt/trousers.
  • Black plain straight or flared trousers (not tight, shiny or denim style material, or skinny fit).
  • Black Academy approved straight knee length skirt. This item must be purchased from Uniformbase and no other retailers.
  • Black/white knee length socks only (no ankle socks).
  • Plain black tights.
  • Plain black flat shoes with no accessories including; decorations, bows, studs, buttons, brooches etc. (enclosed toe and heel – important for Health and Safety when in labs, technology rooms).
  • PE Kit – black tracksuit bottoms with embroidered Academy logo, black PE top with embroidered Academy logo, black shorts, black sweatshirt with embroidered Academy logo. These items must be purchased from Uniformbase. The PE Kit will also be worn for all Dance lessons in Phase One. Please note, trainers for PE must not be black soled, they must be non-marking trainers to avoid marking the sports floors.
  • Firm Ground Football boots required for all year groups.
  • BTEC Performing Arts - Dance Kit or PE Kit but no mixing please.
  • Coats – no hoodies or zipped up jumpers or non uniform jumpers are allowed.
  • BA school bag for all Year 7 and 8 students. This item must be purchased from Uniformbase.
  • School bag – large enough for A4 folder for Years 9/10/11/12/13/14.
  • No handbags.
  • No jewellery (except watch).
  • No piercings at all, including facial and tongue.
  • No makeup.
  • No pencilled in eyebrows.
  • No nail varnish or false nails.
  • No coloured hair accessories i.e. coloured bows, headbands, clips etc. Hair bands can be neutral, black or white.
  • No inappropriate haircuts or colours e.g. tram lines, shaved heads, mullets, dip dyed hair colours, contrasting extreme colours not suitable for work based environments e.g. pink, red, purple, green etc. Please be advised that all haircuts need to be a minimum of a grade two cut and no shorter.  The top of the haircut should not be disproportionate to the length of the sides.

Please note for students whose religion requires them to wear any alternative items, parents/carers should contact the Principal for agreement. Head coverings should be plain black.