CCF Summer Camp 2019

On a sunny Sunday, fifty cadets from Brompton Academy and Chatham Grammar arrived at Crowborough Camp, Tunbridge Wells for their long-awaited Summer Camp. For the majority of the cadets this was their first or second camp, however for some of our seniors it was their fourth or fifth!

The CCF cadets learn so much from these experiences: resilience, confidence, values, standards and leadership are just some of the key traits - skills we take for granted, such as swimming or riding a bike, which some cadets didn’t experience until this camp. Now more students have the confidence to try new things out and nothing is more satisfying than seeing a young person achieve.

Cadets spent a day moving between stands where they were physically tested on the obstacle course, and mentally tested by STEM tasks, command tasks and just remembering all they have been taught, especially with the safety procedures for weapon handling.

The week-long camp concluded with a competition day to confirm all the new skills that had been taught. The main event was the drill competition in which both schools were amazing! Both Brompton Academy and Chatham Grammar made us so proud when they won several medals for archery, and second and third place in the 25m shoot.

It was a truly inspiring experience which the students thoroughly enjoyed.

 The Cadet Experience – 10 Step Guide

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Mountain Biking


Compound Clearance

Escape Room

Knights Challenge

Obstacle Course

First Aid




Survival - Skills

Bridge Assault

Improvised Rafting

25m Range

Shelter Building

Vehicle Checkpoint


Laser Quest

Ancient Weapons



Route Clearance



Step 1 – Be prepared to have lots of fun doing activities that you have never done before 

Step 2 - Make sure you can get up, get dressed and be ready for the day’s events

Step 3 - Be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone

Step 4 - Make sure you have packed the right kit for the day

Step 5 - Apply lots of factor 50 and drink lots of water

Step 6 - Have lots of swaps for lunch and give all your apples and ginger biscuits to Capt                          Loughrey

Step 7 - Make sure you pick up all your kit or SSgt Franklin will get you!

Step 8 - Don’t leave your food out for foxes or other wildlife when camping out!

Step 9 - Get in three ranks and number off!

Step 10- Laugh, be happy and have fun!!!!! 

Some comments from the cadets about their summer camp:

Cdt Evelyn

'Thank you for giving us the opportunity to lean new skills and have such an amazing time and make new friends. It was the best.'

Cdt Madison

'It was super fun this year I'm glad I went, looking forward to next year. Huge well done to both schools becuase we all were amazing! Thank you to all the staff as well, we couldn't have done it without you.'

Cdt Eden

'Thank you so much for organising everything, I'm completely worn out as the staff must be, but enjoyed it so much and am so thankful for the time and effort Capt Knight and the rest of the staff put in for us to have this opportunity! Thank you.'