Easter Camp excitement for UKAT CCF

After a long winter’s break the time had come for the long awaited Easter Camp at St Martin’s Plain. For some of the cadets this was their first camp and residential; all were very excited if not apprehensive at what lay ahead, especially as it was shared with CGSG CCF. 

Once the cadets had been introduced to their billets they were given a marching tour of the camp, finishing at the cookhouse for a well-deserved lunch.

After several servings, and extra puddings, the cadets rolled out and went straight into weapon training and the camp trim trail, (we thought that after such a big lunch we needed to burn some calories off!).

Captain Knight conducted a group introduction on how to tackle each obstacle, and one by one they overcame the obstacles, and in some cases their fears too; all in preparation for the main obstacle course. The day went quickly as the cadets fired on the indoor digital range and completed several leadership tasks and drill lessons (marching).

Another night of activities wore the cadets out; lights out at 10.00pm and by 10.30pm all were asleep dreaming of their breakfast no doubt! The obstacle course included; cargo nets, eight foot walls, tunnels, high walk and rope swings set up to test their resilience, confidence and ability. A little bit of coaxing was required, but together they all made it through – well done all!

The coach turned up, and after another hearty lunch, the cadets were on their way home, but within five minutes of the journey the majority were asleep.