Da Vinci Theme Day for Year 7 UKAT Students

Once again, this year our Year 7 students and students from Chatham Grammar School for Girls spent an exciting few days at the University of Kent as part of a Science and Arts specialism focussed week.

The days were centred on a Da Vinci bridge building competition, in which all groups were tasked with being creative in their use of engineering and proven techniques to build a strong and supportive structure. In the morning students spent time in a Science workshop with University of Kent Maths, Architecture and Science lecturers.

Following this, students worked outside and around the campus with University Ambassadors looking at ideas for their designs. Students spent the afternoon working in teams developing their plans for their bridge.

The winning team from each day has won a trip to the Science Museum in London in the summer term.

Students from both schools had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.