Awesome Science at BA

The Science department was busy last term. In addition to the assessment period for Years 7-10 and mock GCSE and A’ levels, the Science department ran a number of extra- curricular activities:

Stand Up Science Competition

In celebration of National Science Week, all classes were given the opportunity to work on a Science presentation on a topic of their choice. The presentation was restricted to no longer than three minutes and students were not permitted to use PowerPoint.

The winners from each class went forward to the finals which took place in the Lecture Theatre in front of a wider audience and a panel of judges. The topics varied from the life cycle of stars, skeletons, lemon juice and light sabres!

The winners from each year were awarded a trip to the Big Bang Fair near Brighton in June.

X Lab for Years 7 and 8: ‘The Art of Chemistry’

X Lab takes place every other term and allows selected students who are achieving their target grades at any level the opportunity to participate in some alternative creative activities. This term’s activity involved looking at chemical reactions both fast and slow and recording them by photograph and video. Some of the reactions, videos and photos were spectacular!

Phase Two Challenge (Years 9 and 10): ‘Models of Science’

The Phase Two Challenge is an ongoing competition between all Year 9 and 10 Science classes.

This term’s competition was all about Scientific Models. Each class was tasked with creating and modelling any scientific process or structure by:

a) Recording a ‘Torn Paper’ Animation
Making a Giant Model of a Cell

(A little like the British Airways TV advertisement from the 80s)

Processes modelled included fertilization, the food chain, photosynthesis, phagocytosis, the water cycle, kinetic theory, the big bang and a giant sneeze!

With one more Phase Two Challenge to go this year, 10y1 is at the top of the league table with 10g2 and 10z3 close behind!