CCF Visit the Royal Engineers Museum

As new recruits into the CCF, part of our induction is to visit the Royal Engineers museum and learn about the history of the Corps and how it has shaped history. We were amazed to see such an array of artefacts ranging from William the Conqueror to the recent conflict in Afghanistan.

The museum is laid out in a chronological order and like IKEA you could only walk one way! We were split up into teams of four to complete a quiz that our Troopy had set about what we had seen, but of course we asked the museum staff for some of the answers.

My favourite part was the Cold War section, Captain Loughrey gave a talk on his part as a young Sapper in West Germany in the 1980s and his role as a soldier. The Berlin wall section and threat of the Soviet Union was quite frightening.

After we had toured the museum we went back to Brompton Academy to have lunch and talk through the quiz answers. It was a tight call but my team managed to win that section.

After lunch we were taught how to use an air rifle and had a little competition shoot that was a lot of fun. We all had our own targets and had five pellets to see who could score the highest score.

It was a great day and lots of fun, we can’t wait for the next adventure!