Healthy Eating Project

University of Kent Lead the Academy in a Healthy Eating Project 


This Term Phase One students across the Academy have been introduced to healthy eating and discussed how to make healthier choices with their food and drinks.

In Key Curriculum, students have been learning about the many ways to eat more healthily and the benefits of exercise. They had an interactive lecture by representatives from ‘Chartwells’, the company that provides our students and staff with breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. 

Students were able to create a healthy meal, and also design their own nutrition bar; promoting and marketing the benefits of healthy food choices to other students. 

Students were also able to create and sample healthy fruit smoothies. All of the students agreed fruit smoothies are a great alternative to the energy drinks and fizzy pop drinks that they might have chosen in the past. 

Throughout the project, year groups had assemblies led by the University of Kent, who introduced the importance of healthy eating and what potential changes students can make to their diets to increase their alertness in lessons and live a healthier lifestyle

The University of Kent also staffed three lunch time stalls and demonstrated to students how to prepare a meal, swap sweets for fruit and reduce sugar content in sugary drinks by swapping to sparkling water or squash.