Forensic Science Day at The University of Kent

Our Year 12 and 13 Criminology classes were invited to visit the University of Kent’s Physical Science department by Robert Green MBE to take part in Forensic Science Day.

The day began with a session on how to investigate secret and deleted files on a hard drive using digital forensics in order to gain electronic evidence to solve criminal cases. Students were given the chance to do blood splatter analysis and fingerprint matching and learnt the importance of Forensic Science when investigating crimes.

In the Charles Darwin Laboratory in the School of Anthropology, students also learnt more about Forensic Osteology with Dr Chris Deter. Students found it extremely interesting to understand the amount of information revealed about a person, simply by measuring and observing the bones of a real skeleton.

The afternoon was the highlight of the day for many students, when they were able to do some real ‘scene of crime’ work. 

The University of Kent has recently set up a mock house in the grounds for undergraduates to practise their Forensic Science skills.

Our students were given access to this area and really enjoyed the challenge of locating as much forensic evidence as possible as they learnt how to dust for fingerprints.