Brompton Academy Remembers – 100 Years On

Brompton Academy began Term 2 with a recognition of those who were loved and lost during World War One and the further wars. The refectories were adorned with remembrance flags and wreaths, which were made by students, and wartime music was played during the lunch breaks.

Mrs Baker-Moss created excellent displays in the library which showed images of sacrifice and the effects war, with authentic uniforms and books to support learning about stories of those who served. Many members of staff crocheted over four hundred poppies to put on display on structural poles and noticeboards which were decorated with red, white and purple poppies. These represented the fallen, the animals of war and the ultimate peace following the war.

Assemblies were led by Mrs Mace and Mr Greenwood, with the help of Miss Carroll’s readers and the Combined Cadets Force (CCF). Throughout the week, and during assemblies, the students in Years 7-10 all participated in learning and remembering about men, women and children who sacrificed so much for their country. Students and staff were rallied to sing-a-long a wartime with Miss Coupe’s medleys of Tipperary and Pack up your troubles.

On Friday 9th November, the academy observed a two-minute silence with the commitment read by Reece (Year 11).