Exciting Events In The Brompton Academy Library

Term One has been lively in the library at Brompton Academy. All of our new Year 7 students were welcomed with personalised bunting and our library induction quiz proved very popular. 

Many students enjoyed a book folding workshop where they made new friends and created some great display items to help decorate the library ready for our Academy Open events. 

We launched the Strictly Come Reading and Strictly Come Poetry competitions. New student workshops to prepare for these competitions have already started. 

We ended Term One with our Hogwarts Challenge, where students and staff were ‘Harry Potterfied' and took part in a huge Hogwarts themed quiz, as well as honing their persuasive skills in the ‘Sell me a Broomstick’ competition. 

Students are already looking forward to all of the fun activities planned for Term 2!