World Book Day 2018

It has been a very lively term in the Brompton Academy Library, with World Book Day being a real focus. Our theme for 2018 was Literary Villains and the staff fully embraced the event by dressing up as: Maleficent, Dolores Umbridge, The Grinch, Macbeth, the Queen of Hearts, the Wicked Witch of the West, Cruella De Vil and the Highway Rat!

Students competed to identify the top twenty iconic villains in literature featured on bunting displayed around the school.  This developed their research skills with books and online searches.  Also, four teams took part in a ‘Bad Dad’ quiz, based on David Walliams latest novel, making us all think about whether all baddies are really bad!

The villains even popped into English and Maths lessons; students wrote stories from the Villains’ perspective, and even mathematically plotted Lord Voldemort’s progression of evil.

We finished the week with thirty students taking part in a Spelling Bee, learning useful key words for Maths, English and Science. Three students scored full marks - fabulous results.