EMI Funding Success

Brompton Academy Music department have written a successful bid with EMI and secured a grand total of funding for £11,000.

In previous years Brompton Academy have received £6,000 for the Hardship School’s Project. This year is EMI’s Anniversary, therefore Brompton Academy have also received £5,000 of funding to go towards the wider community.

The funding will be divided into the following:

£5,000 for Music tuition support in Brompton Academy exam classes and PPG/HA student support.

£1,000 for Music resources at Brompton Academy (including a Drum Kit and Music Technology resources)

£4,000 for our new after-school club “Urban Playground” as well as Year 6 transitions activities and Year 7 tuition (starting in the new year).

£1,000 for Music support at Chatham Grammar School for Girls to be used in the same way it is being used at Brompton Academy to grow their Music department and to improve their intake at Key Stage 4.  Our students at Brompton Academy will benefit immensely from the generous donations, and the funding will continue to provide musical tuition and resources, as well as new opportunities and ventures.