The Governors at Brompton Academy are also Directors at the University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT) and are registered with Companies House.

David Nightingale - Chair of Governors

My name is David Nightingale and I am Chair of Governors at the University of Kent Academies Trust (UKAT).  I work at the University of Kent where I am Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (which, in plain English, means I am the no. 2 at the University!).  I am responsible for the overall academic direction of the University, particularly in teaching and learning, in student recruitment and in the University’s engagement with schools and colleges in Kent and Medway.  My own academic background is in the Classics, particularly ancient history, which I still enjoy teaching.  I am also a Governor of Mid Kent College and of the London Contemporary Dance School.

Jen Wyatt - University of Kent Governor

My name is Jen Wyatt and I currently work at the University of Kent, as Head of the Partnership Development Office, I lead a talented and creative team who are passionate about getting people interested in learning.  My own interest in this area was created when I started working as an educational guidance advisor to adults over twenty-five years ago and found an overwhelming number of people still haunted and sometimes held back by earlier difficult educational experiences.  As a result, I have worked in adult, community, further and higher education settings and more recently with secondary schools with the aim of trying to create positive, challenging and fun opportunities for local people.

Margaret Baker Moss - Staff Governor

I have worked at Brompton Academy for five years, currently as Librarian with particular interest in promoting reading through special events and activities.  I meet many of the student throughout all the year groups in the mini-schools, as well as staff from all departments which gives me great opportunities to speak with people throughout the Academy.  I believe this will give me lots of feedback and views to help me as a Governor.

Georgina Randsley de Moura - University of Kent Governor

I work at the University of Kent, and joined as a Governor of Brompton Academy in 2017. At the University, I am Head of the School of Psychology leading the School’s advancement in reputation for academic excellence in research and education across the UK and internationally. I believe in supporting and developing people to enhance success, and in the best possible integration of principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. Alongside my management role, I am also an active researcher, focusing on what happens when leaders do not meet their group’s expectations, for example by breaking the rules or proposing radical change. I am very much looking forward to serving as a Governor of Brompton Academy and to supporting the School in its provision of a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Neil Oliver - Governor

My name is Neil Oliver.  I work for the University of Kent as an Assistant Director of Finance.  I am a member of the University Finance Department Senior Management Team and my current responsibilities include management of the Finance Systems team, Payments Office, E-commerce (including an online store), treasury management, investment portfolio, endowments and subsidiary companies.  With respect to my role with Brompton Academy in addition to being a Governor I am also the Academy’s Responsible Officer.

Nigel Ingram - Governor

My name is Nigel Ingram and I am a retired senior Bank Manager, who worked for HSBC Bank for 40+ years, many of which in the Medway Towns.  I have been a Governor for over 12 years and have helped to steer the direction and growth of the organisation through its transformation into the now very successful Brompton Academy.  My role on the board of governors is Chair of Staffing and Finance Committee and Vice Chair of Governors.  I am a local resident and live close by in the town of Sittingbourne.

Paul Clark - Governor

I joined Brompton Academy as a governor in September 2011 and prior to this I spent two years as a Transport Minister and was MP for Gillingham and Rainham from 1997 to 2010.  As MP, I always supported the school and my time in Governance has given me a wealth of experience and skills.  I am also on the Council at the University of Keele, a trustee on the award winning social enterprise ‘The Sunlight Centre’, and I’ve been heavily involved with the development of the very unique shared campus at the Universities at Medway multiversity site.  I recently received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Greenwich and I am also Chair of Medway CAB and run my own political consultancy, Gateway Associates.

Richard Ebanks - Governor

I have been a Governor at Brompton Academy since 2010.  I qualified as a Dentist at Birmingham University and have worked and lived locally since 1988.  I am a partner in a dental clinic which has developed to become one of the largest in the country mainly serving the local population.  I take a great interest in sport have sponsored and coached a variety of local teams.

Rev Rob Ryan - Governor  

I have been a Governor at Brompton Academy for eight years and came onboard soon after the arrival of Principal Judy Rider.  My experience in education is that I have taught at various schools across Medway before joining the Behaviour Support Service.  I left teaching to set up Gillingham Youth for Christ which has enabled me to set up various projects with Medway Council and local schools supporting young people in creative ways. In 2009, I was ordained as a Pioneer Minister in Rochester Cathedral and I am now the Priest Missioner for Gillingham working in the High Street as well as St Marks and Gillingham Green churches.  I also spent the summer of 2012 serving as an Olympic Chaplain.

Dan Lloyd - Governor  

I am Deputy Head of the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent, with oversight of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the biological sciences and a total of around 800 students. I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship – the UK award for teaching excellence in higher education – for my work at Kent, and I have a real interest in education at all levels and its role in transforming lives. Beyond the sciences, I have a real interest in life outside of the curriculum - including sports, music and the arts – and its role in supporting both educational and personal development.

Oliver Martin - Parent Governor  

I joined the Board of Governors in March 2018.  I am an experienced senior leader in the water industry having worked in a number of areas including Finance, Customer Services, Debt Collection, Billing and now within Regulation and Strategic Planning.  I am also a Board Trustee for a pension scheme and Medway Citizens Advice.  With a young family of 3 (one in pre-school, one in primary and one in secondary) I am keen to make a difference across the schools that are governed by UKAT and be part of a team that can positively influence so many young people.

Richard Patey - Parent Governor  

I am proud to join the University of Kent Academies Trust as Parent Governor.  I have one daughter at Brompton Academy and I am impressed with her academic progress and the progressive ethos to her education.  Having two children with special educational needs and my wife who is training as a SENCO means I have a particular interest in SEND issues.  I firmly believe that education should encourage learning for its own sake and our young people should be encouraged to learn the confidence to express themselves and follow whatever educational pathways fulfuls their potential; leading them towards success and their chosen careers.

Remona Puri - Staff Governor

I joined Chatham Grammar School for Girls as a Teacher of Economics in 2018 and have been a staff governor since March 2019. I have worked in post-14 education for 25 years delivering and managing education in further and higher education settings and have served as a director and board member of a local business.

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