Student Voice

Welcome to the Student Voice information page.


Here you will find details of upcoming meetings, topics and areas of interest that we are working on, and the latest news and events from your BA Student Voice. 

Your Student Voice Representatives:

Name: Year Group:
Ceinwen Newlan 14
Emmanuella Amoh 13
Elise Witt 8
Jack Fitz-Gerald  7
Molly Wakenell 7
Bonnie Faultley 7
Ellie Wilson 7
Shivansh Agarwal 8
Kyan Treadway 13
Hedia Hattabi 8
Caitlin Ellis 8
Kyronn Fairclough 8
Kerry Ellis 8
Kylie Fosbraey 7
Amara Williams  7
Abigail Wilks 7
Storm Stephens  13

Current Events

Event: Date:
Medway Youth Conference  Tuesday 7th November 2017

Upcoming and Recent Meetings

Date and Time Location
Monday 6th November 2017 Period 4 - TBC
Wednesday 15th Novemeber 2017 Meeting with Medway Strreet Angels 
Medway Street Angels Monday 20th November 3:15pm
BA Values  Tuesday 21st November 3:15pm


News will be added shortly.
Medway Youth Conference  - Information coming soon
Medway Street Angels - Information coming soon
Chartwells Catering  - Information coming soon

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