Ways into Teaching

Ways into Teaching 

New Horizons Training Partnership


Brompton Academy is a strategic partner in the New Horizons Training Partnership which works with Kent and Medway Training (KMT) to provide outstanding school lead teacher training.  Successful trainees will be accredited with Qualified Teacher Status and will be able to work in the UK as qualified teachers.  We offer the opportunity to complete a PGCE top up qualification in partnership with the University of Brighton (fees apply). The closeness of our partnership means we are able to fast track highly motivated and skilled trainees along a leadership pathway. If you are ambitious, dedicated and have a passion for helping students to learn, train with the New Horizons Training Partnership.  Follow this link to the KMT website for further information - http://www.kmtraining.org.uk


School Direct Teacher Training

Salaried route

If you have a degree and three or more years of work experience in any field, you could earn a salary while you train on a School Direct (salaried) programme. We recruit you directly as a trainee, often with a job in mind. Salaries can vary depending on your chosen subject and the school in which you train. We sometimes accept candidates with fewer than three years’ experience in hard-to-fill subjects or for exceptional applicants.  Click here for more information.

Unsalaried route

If you are a graduate who wishes to gain the PGCE qualification through the IOE while based in school, this may be the best option. Trainees pay a tuition fee to the Kent and Medway Training for a one year full-time programme, and are eligible for training bursaries of up to £30,000.   Click here for more information


Non-salaried School Direct training places

Available in all subjects.

Salaried School Direct training places

Available on request - please contact Dan Greenwood

Telephone:   01634 852341

Email:           dangreenwood@universityofkentacademiestrust.org.uk or recruitment@universityofkentacademiestrust.org.uk


How to apply

Visit the UCAS website and use the link to the New Horizons UCAS application guide to help you complete the form.

UCAS website