Subject Profile: Ethics Keynes Mini School 2017/2018

Phase One

Year 7

Term one: What makes a Gurdwara special for Sikhs?

Term two: What do Christians believe?

Term three: (continued)

Term four: Do animals have rights?

Term five: What do Buddhists believe?

Term six: What responsibility do we have to those living in poverty?

Year 8

Term one: What is our responsibility for the natural world?

Term two: How do Muslims practice their religion?

Term three: Why should Martin Luther King be remembered?

Term four: Why do we suffer?

Term five: Why do people go on pilgrimage?

Term six: How have people changed the world?


Phase Two

Year 9

Term one: What do Christians believe?

Term two: (Continued)

Term three: Why are some people victims of prejudice?

Term four: (Continued)

Term five: How does genocide happen?

Term six: How far should people go to stand up for their beliefs?


Year 10

Term1: The value of human life- Abortion/Euthanasia

Term 2: Responsibility for the natural world

Term 3: Christianity key beliefs

Term 4: Peace and conflict

Term 5: Christianity in the community

Term 6: Worship and Festivals