Results for Summer 2018 Exams can be collected by students as follows:                                            

A Level - Thursday 16th August from 9am to 11am
GCSE - Thursday 23rd August from 10am to 12pm 

After these times, all results will be available for collection from Reception, up until term begins in September


If a student is unable to collect their results, a stamped addressed envelope must be provided, in advance, to the Exams Office and their results will then be posted out.

Alternatively, the student may nominate someone to collect their results on their behalf. A letter must be provided, in advance, to the Exams Office, signed by the student, stating the name of the person who is to collect their results. The person collecting must bring ID on the day.


Certificates are due to arrive in the Academy during October/November and as soon as these are received and collated, a letter will be sent home to all students, advising they are ready for collection. Once again, if a student would like these collected by a third party, a letter must be provided to the Exams Office, signed by the student and ID must be brought by the third party. Due to their high value, unfortunately, we are unable to send certificates out in the post.