Year 11

Careers Interviews

All Year 11 students will have a follow up appointment before Christmas with either Kris Butler or Jean Easley to discuss options and applications.

If you need to book one, or need help with applications or advice, please come and see Kris or Jean  in the careers section of the school library.

Useful Websites

Click HERE for the National Careers Service  
Click HERE for the Apprenticeship website  
Click HERE for Medway Youth Trust  
Click HERE for NHS job site   
Click HERE for Kudos - a careers match programme.  If you wish to log on, please see Kris Butler or Sharon Murphy for the licence code.   
Click HERE for Careerscape - for career and university information.  If you wish to log on, please see Kris Butler or Sharon Murphy for the licence code  

Engineering Websites

Click HERE for Tomorrow's Engineers 
Click HERE for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers 
Click HERE for Green Power
Click HERE for the Institue of The Motor Industry Careers - Motor Vehicle Apprentices
Click HERE for F1 in schools