The future is an exciting place, but could be even better if you are prepared and well informed.

Ensuring you do get the best possible launch is our job; our comprehensive careers programmes will help you map out your own future.
Starting as early as Year 7, through PPD lessons, you are already embarking on your life journey.
A good awareness of all the available options from an early stage is essential, as competition for every position continues to increase.
Developing your personal skills with targeted careers planning can be as important as any other subject.
It will help you understand what steps are needed for you to achieve individual goals, whether that is university, employment or apprenticeships.
We offer individual careers meetings from Year 10 and group work in Year 9 to discuss subject options. And in Year 10 and Year 12, students have the opportunity to take part in work experience.
Sharon Murphy                                                                              
Information, Advice and Guidance Manager
Becky Towner / Jean Easley 
Personal Advisors - Medway Youth Trust