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Subject Profile English  (Eliot Centre) 2017/2018

Phase One  English Year 7

Term One:    All About Me - Autobiographical writing

Term Two:    Famous writers from the area

Term Three: Myths and Legends

Term Four:   Poetry from different cultures

Term Five:    Contemporary Novel - The Boy in the Dress, David Walliams

Term 6:         Detectives

Phase One Year 8

Term One:    Shakespeare plays and poems

Term Two:    Different Cultures Empire: Follow The Rabbit Proof Fence

Term Three: Non-fiction

Term Four:   19th Century Novel: Oliver Twist

Term Five:   Private Peaceful

Term Six:     Conflict and World War 1 Poetry

Phase Two Year 9, 10 and 11

This will be the same as main stream English plans to prepare for GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

Subject profile Mathematics (Eliot centre) 2015/2016

Phase One Mathematics (Year 7)

Term One:  Number, Shape and Space.

Term Two:  Angles, Symmetry, Time

Term Three:  Number, Fractions, Money, Algebra

Term Four:  Number, Fractions, Money, Algebra

Term Five:  Number, Fractions, Probability , Algebra

Term Six:  Number, Review learning

Phase One Mathematics (Year 8)

Term One:  Number, Word problems, Decimals, Data, Angles

Term Two:  Number, Fractions and percentages, Ratio, Shape and space

Term Three:  Data, 3d drawing, Sequences

Term Four:  Number, Algebra, Fractions, Negative numbers

Term Five:  Number, Algebra, Probability

Term Six:  Perimeter, Statistics, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Phase Two Mathematics (Year 9)

Term One: BIDMAS, inverse operations, angles, estimation

Term Two: Number work with decimals, construction, circles, scales

Term Three: Displaying data, 2D and 3D co-ordinates, negative numbers

Term Four: Trial and improvement, prime factors, index form, rules for sequences

Term Five: Probability, angles, fractions

Term Six: Linear equations, nets, transformations and congruence

Phase Two Mathematics (Year 10)

Term One: Number work with integers, percentages and interest, linear graphs

Term Two: Simultaneous equations, ratio, direct proportion, perimeter and area, Pythagoras

Term Three: Expanding algebraic expressions, linear equations, experimental probability

Term Four: Conversions of units of measure, BIDMAS, number work, constructions

Term Five: Properties of triangles, properties of quadrilaterals and circles, units and measurements

Term Six: Calculations involving time, handling data, stem and leaf diagrams, problem solving

Phase Two Mathematics (Year 11)

Term One: Four rules of number for integers and decimals, interior angles and exterior angles of polygons, transformations

Term Two: Scattergraphs and frequency distractions, scale factors and drawings, area and volume, quadratic functions, graphs and equations

Term Three: Percentages, fractions and decimals, negative numbers in context, trial and improvement, HCF, LCM, prime factors

Term Four: Algebra, simplification, expanding brackets, number patterns, Nth term of a linear sequence, ratio and proportion

Term Five: Angle facts, circle theorem, revision techniques, past exam questions, revision topics requested by students

Term Six: Revision techniques, past exam questions, revision topics requested by studentsPhase 2:

Exam board for GCSE (A) is Edexcel

Specification Link http://www.edexcel.com/quals/gcse/gcse10/maths/maths-a/Pages/default.aspx


Exam board for AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths (11G1 only) is AQA

Specification Link http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/specifications/alevel/AQA-6360-W-SP-14.PDF


Phase Three:


Both AS and A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are from the AQA Mathematics specification, available at: 



Subject Profile Science (Eliot Centre) 2015/2016


Phase One Science (Years 7and 8)

Term One: Chemistry- Atoms, Elements and compounds

Term Two: Chemistry- Earth and the Environment

Term Three: Physics- Energy

Term Four: Physics- Electricity and electromagnetism

Term Five: Biology- Structure and function of living organisms

Term Six: Biology- Genetics and evolution


Phase Two Science (Year 9)

Term One: Foundation to GCSE Biology- Human Biology

Term Two: Foundation to GCSE Biology- Evolution and environment

Term Three: Foundation to GCSE Chemistry- Products from Rocks

Term Four: Foundation to GCSE Chemistry- Oils, Earth and Atmosphere 

Term Five: Foundation to GCSE Physics- Energy and Energy Resources

Term Six: Foundation to GCSE Physics- Radiation and the Universe


Phase Two GCSE Science route 1 (Year 10 )

Term One: Human biology, health and disease, effect of drugs

Term Two: Evolution, adaptations and Environment

Term Three: Chemistry of metals/rocks

Term Four: Chemistry of oils and plastics

Term Five: Physics of particles, heat and energy

Term Six: Radiation and waves


Phase Two GCSE Science route 1 (Year 11)

Term One: How Science Works coursework

Term Two: Physics revision ( Physics of particles, heat and energy & Radiation and waves)

Term Three: Chemistry revision ( Environment and adaptation, evolution, chemistry of metals/rocks & Chemistry of oils and plastics)

Term Four: Biology revision ( Human biology, health and disease, effect of drugs)

Term Five: Exam practice


The GCSE groups are studying AQA