Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification EPQ Keynes Mini School 2017/2018

Phase 3 One Year Course LEVEL 3


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a popular course with students. It provides an opportunity for them to extend their abilities beyond the A level syllabus, stand out and prepare for university or their future career. It is worth half an A level (8 - 28 UCAS points to gain entry onto a degree course.

The EPQ allows students to embark on a largely self-directed project. By taking responsibility for the choice and design of an individual project. Students have the opportunity to embark on a largely self-directed research project, enabling them to study a topic of choice in-depth for duration of the course. Students will develop in to critical, reflective and independent learners, whilst developing skills such as creativity, decision making and enterprise, as well as demonstrating initiative. Many of our students decide to explore a topic linked to their desired area of study for university. Skills linked to research and planning, critical thinking and analysis, synthesis and evaluation, project management and working independently, are highly valued by both universities and employers alike.