Performing Arts

Subject Profile Performing Arts (Woolf Mini School) 2017/2018

Performing Arts

Level 2 EdExcel BTEC First Award in Performing Arts – Three Year Course ( Year 9 – 11)

Year One

Term One:  Audit of skills - Students will complete workshops to assess level of performance skills and set targets for improvement.

Term Two: Performance opportunity – Students will apply skills developed to a performance.

Term Three: Performance and Production – Students will study the skills required to stage a production.

Term Four: Individual Showcase – Students will prepare for a solo performance in exam conditions.

Term Five: Individual Showcase Assessment – Students will complete mock examination based on the real paper set to Year 10 and 11 and will be assessed against the criteria.

Term Six: Target Setting and moving on – Students will review their progress over the year and set targets for onward studies.

Year Two

Term One: Musical Theatre – Students will explore skills and job roles within Musical Theatre Performance

Term Two: Performance – Students will perform in a Mini Musical applying knowledge and skills developed in lesson

Term Three: Skills Audit – Students will complete a detailed self-assessment of their skills and set targets to develop further

Term Four: Individual Showcase – Students will work on Unit 1 exam paper issued by board

Term Five: Individual Showcase – Assessment performances and letter of application completed for Unit 1 external exam.

Term Six: Individual Evaluations – self assessment against skills audit and evaluation of progress

Year Three

Term One: Individual Showcase – Students receive exam paper and begin work on solo performances

Term Two: Individual Showcase Mock – Under exam conditions students are assessed using the criteria on solo performance

Term Three: Individual Performance – students begin work on their letters of application for the selected pathway on the Unit 1 exam paper

Term Four: Individual Performance Assessment – students complete final assessment of Unit 1

Term Five: Final Curtain – Student showcase of solo assessment pieces.


Phase 3 Performing Arts Academy

At Brompton Academy we offer a unique opportunity to study an immersive Performing Arts experience.

As part of the Brompton Academy Performing Arts Academy (BAPA) students select to study for the BTEC National Diploma over two years (10 hours per week).  In addition students also opt for either A level Dance or Rock School Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma Music qualification.

The courses are also available to take discreetly and study along side other option subjects.

Year 1 Phase 3 BTEC National Certificate Performing Arts (1 Year Course)

Students study two units across the entire year.

Unit 1 Investigating Practitioners Work – Task set and assessed externally by Edexcel.  Paper issued in Jan 2017.

Unit 2 Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance – Task set and marked internally

Term One: Students complete individual and small group investigations into prescribed practitioners.  Students complete individual skills audits for Unit 2.

Term Two: Students develop skills for live performance.  Students create online blogs to monitor and record progress.

Term Three: Rehearsals and performance of live performance.   Blogs updated and assessed.

Term Four: Unit 1 External Exam Paper released. 

Term Five:  Students complete written assessment work for Unit 1 exam.

Term Six: Final live performance and audit completed for Unit 2.


Year 2 Phase 3 BTEC National Extended Certificate (1 Year Course)

Students Study two units across the year.

Unit 3 Group Performance Workshop – Task set and assessed externally by Edexcel.  Paper issued in March 2017.

Unit 19 Acting Styles– Task set and marked internally

Term One:  Students complete workshops in a range of acting styles e.g. Physical Theatre, Stanislavski and Mask.  Logbook produced to monitor progress.

Term Two: Students rehearse and perform in a range of acting styles to a live audience.

Term Three: Students complete Acting styles logbooks.  Unit 3 Exam Paper released.  Students begin creative sessions exploring topic of exam.

Term Four:  Students continue work on externally assessed task for Unit 3 and record rehearsals in log books.

Term Five: Students complete end of year performances and logbook for unit 3.

Exam board for BTEC Performing Arts is Edexcel

BTEC Level 2 First Award link to spec:

BTEC Level 3 link to spec:

Exam board for A level Performing Arts is OCR

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