Accelerated Reader

The development of reading widely outside of the Academy is essential for student success in all areas of the curriculum.  At Brompton Academy, we are committed to providing students with different strategies to support progress in reading and to develop reading for pleasure. 

One of those strategies is the use of Accelerated Reader - an innovative software system that allows students to choose books for pleasure, pitched at the right level.  At Brompton Academy, we are using this with all mainstream students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Students take an on-line reading test, which defines their current reading ability.  It then suggests a book range for students to select books from to develop their reading level.  Having read the book, students are then encouraged to take a quiz which tests the depth of their understanding.  If they pass the quiz at a high enough level (80% or more) they then move on and select a book at a higher level – developing the complexity of what they read in structured steps.

Accelerated Reader encompasses a wide range of current fiction and non-fiction books aimed at children and teenagers.  This allows students to select popular titles they are interested in, whilst developing their reading ability.