Franklin is the name attributed to Phase Three learning at Brompton Academy. 

Rosalind Franklin is best known for her work which led to the discovery of the structure of DNA - it is likely that she would have been awarded a Nobel Prize for her contribution, however the rules of the Nobel Prize forbid posthumous nominations and because Rosalind Franklin had died in 1958 (aged just 37) she was not eligible. The Nobel Prize was awarded to others involved in the description of DNA in 1962.

Like Franklin, students in Phase Three dedicate themselves to expanding their knowledge and constantly striving for the next step.  Who knows what our students may discover in the future?

The staff of Phase Three encourage our students to take the next step in their lives, moving from Phase Two to Phase Three, taking that step to independence, developing the confidence and skills to allow them to move on to adulthood.

Bringing together all of the specialisms of the Phase Two Mini Schools, Franklin is the opportunity to focus on a specific area of learning, such as the Sciences or maintain breadth across the curriculum.  Whatever students' interest, there is something for everyone.

Students can take the opportunity to develop real work based skills through taking a World of Work (WOW) job, providing paid employment within the Academy across a range of areas.  Many continue mentoring work with younger students, beginning lower down the Academy.  We also have subject specific ambassadors dedicated to the specialist subjects Science and Arts, working with younger students on extra curricular projects, assisting in lessons and promoting their subjects in assemblies and across the Academy.  We encourage the development of 'Lead Students', these are students that maintain and promote a visible presence around the Academy, supporting and developing the ethos of Franklin living and learning.

Above all, Phase Three is a warm, supportive group, working together to build student aspiration and experience.  Joining as Accelerated Year 11 or Year 12, students are supported in all aspects of academic and pastoral care by the Head, Deputy Head of Mini School and the dedicated Phase Three Personal Tutors until they move on to their next step, be that university or employment.